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Technology Job Prospects for migrants in Australia

Australian IT sector has been in rapid growth since 2015. Australian Computer Society (ACS) recently conducted a survey focusing on ICT-skilled migrants, revealing overwhelmingly positive outcomes and painting a brighter picture of opportunities in Australia.

According to ACS, over 90% of ICT-skilled migrants successfully secured employment, with 80% obtaining positions within the IT sector. ACS is the professional association for tech professionals, championing the technologies, people and skills critical to powering Australia's future. ACS is also authorised to assess the skills and qualifications of IT and Data Science professionals on behalf of the Australian Government.

Growth of ICT Market in Australia

The growth trajectory of the ICT market in Australia is remarkable. Valued at US$ 78.14 billion in 2022, it is projected to expand at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.69%, reaching US$ 148.44 billion by 2027. The cumulative revenue forecast for ICT providers during 2022-2027 stands at US$ 650.76 billion, with top product/service categories including SaaS, Systems Design and Integration, and Human Resources BPO.

ICT Market in Australia

Australian ICT companies such as Canva, Atlassian, Afterpay, Wisetech Global, and others are making significant strides globally, solidifying their positions as industry leaders. Notably, Australia ranks 4th as the world's most attractive online consumer market. Businesses in the country is also projected to increase IT spend by 13%, compared to 4% globally. Furthermore, Australia is positioned as the 2nd fintech hub in the Asia-Pacific region and 6th globally. By 2025, it is anticipated that 95% of the population will have access to 5G coverage.

Australian ICT companies

Now is the Time

The current landscape presents an opportune moment for IT and ICT professionals, particularly those specializing in roles such as Data Architect, Data Warehousing Specialist, Data Scientist, Computer Systems Engineer, Software Developer, and Network Support Specialist, to consider migrating to Australia. Over the next five years, working within Australia's burgeoning ICT market and esteemed companies promises invaluable global exposure.

Start the Process

The ACS Migration Skills Assessment is a critical step in applying for your visa. It is a process for assessing and validating your IT qualifications and work experience to determine your eligibility for skilled migration to Australia. So, if you are looking for a positive outcome of the Skill Assessment, then start the process with guidance. You can contact our team for a free eligibility check before initiating your migration journey. It helps to understand the process and make an informed decision. We would like to recommend using Australian based MARA agents to begin your Australian migration journey. If you would like to know more about us please contact ACET Migration

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