June 11, 2024

Australian Migration Trends 2024

Australia brings a kaleidoscope of trends with diverse landscapes and unique charms. It invites you to explore the chance to acquire your golden ticket with ACET migration. We at ACET meticulously track Australia’s constantly evolving migration trends to help our clients confidently navigate the changing terrains. 


Understanding Australia’s Growth 


Net Overseas Migration, or NOM, determines Australia’s Population. This significant figure reflects the number of people entering the country as opposed to those who leave. The NOM is influenced by International Students, Professionals, and humanitarian cases seeking refuge. . 


Skilled Migration—The purpose of skilled stream migration is to draw immigrants who significantly boost the Australian economy and fill job vacancies. Due to the extremely high rates of labor force involvement, skilled migrants contribute to economic growth and the creation of new job opportunities. This year, the Australian government prioritized skilled migration as part of its permanent migration program agenda. Additionally, the skilled stream contributes significantly to regional development by supplying labor and skills not readily available locally.


Student Visa – Australia’s general migration trend has been impacted by its student visa policies. International student enrolment in Australia has increased significantly in recent years, particularly post-pandemic, and reached a record high of over 713,000 as of February 2024.


Employer sponsorship visa– The employer sponsorship visa enables Australian companies to appoint highly qualified immigrants and hire those who can fill skill shortages. This invariably results in improved productivity, creativity, and the introduction of new ideas, stimulating economic growth.


Family visas – These enable permanent residents to reunite with their family members, strengthening social coherence by enabling families to connect and be together and resulting in a more nuanced cultural diversity.


Humanitarian program – Australia has a long tradition of accepting refugees and asylum seekers for resettlement through its humanitarian programs. These programs are dedicated to providing protection for people who arrive lawfully, demonstrating Australia’s international obligations and compassion for those seeking humanitarian services and escaping persecution.


Australian Migration Program – 


The Australian government annually checks and adjusts its migration policies and visa categories on the basis of several factors, such as social needs, migrant integrity, economic conditions, and global standards. As per this year’s federal budget announcements, the program has found a significant shift in priority towards skilled migration. It invites professionals and field experts to join the  Australian labor market. Indian nationals, especially, have found a new place in the Aussie workforce. Over 3000 career opportunities await Indian talents. Further, the Australian government has issued the revision of the National Innovation visa and the conclusion of the Business Innovation and Investment visa program (BIIP). 


State of the States- 


New South Wales—The bustling global metropolis of Sydney continues to draw in immigrants, with 4000 nominations each year. The NSW skilled nominated (subclass 190) visa is among the most competitive. It is one of the highest-paying visas, covering 51% of all employment in the following sectors: retail trade, Health care, Professional, scientific, Education, and Technical Services. However, the new trend in NSW is that people seek an affordable and relaxed lifestyle in regional New South Wales.


Victoria – Migrants are still drawn to Melbourne because of its vibrant cultural scene and varied job market, similar to that of New South Wales. With 53% of total employment, Victoria also experiences a rising trend towards regionalization.


Queensland—Popularized by its sunshine and affordable housing, interstate migration has seen a steady increase. This constant influx is particularly true in regions like the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.


Western Australia – Specifically Perth, is subject to swings in the fortunes of the mining industry.


Southern Australia – Adelaide draws a constant stream of immigrants with a balanced lifestyle at its center. The state actively encourages migration to meet its labor market demands, pioneering in fields of the future like machine learning and renewable energy. Leading the way in innovation and business development in varied sectors like VR, AR, VFX, and other Creative industries.


Australia’s migration process is a complex ballet of historical patterns, contemporary conditions, and future considerations. With ACET migration by your side, we help you navigate this intriguing dance.


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