Kochi, June 11: ACET Migration Services Australia, south India’s biggest migration consultants and Australian government authorized MARA consultants, has launched an awareness drive in Kerala on migration and global careers to help those aspiring for a bright future abroad to avoid scams and pitfalls.

Starting their journey with Ignite Potential Incorporated, an NGO established in 2018, Sulal Mathai and Mathews David worked voluntarily to support new migrants in Australia. They realized the need of initial support for migrants such as how to find professional jobs, any qualification required to get employment, adapting to cultural differences and founded Ignite to support newcomers.

Starting with an employment program, over the years Ignite Potential expanded their programs in the areas of settlement, employment, training, and social enterprise opportunities to migrants arriving in Australia. Ignite receives funding from either State/Territory governments and Australian government, hence all programs are free-of-cost for participants.

Through this initiative, Mathews helped many migrants on migration matters and he ended up studying Migration law and become a Registered MARA consultant. Now as co-founder and Principal Migration Consultant of ACET Migration Australia, he wants to educate people on how not to be trapped in one’s migration journey. “ACET is launching an awareness campaign, called ‘Australian migration – Myths and Facts’, which is aimed to educate people on common myths about international migration and show them how to avoid scams”, he said.

Australia is one of the top five countries which people across the globe consider for migration, ACET officials said. Indians lead the list of migrants into Australia post pandemic, considering it a secure migration destination. Most of them realise their dreams through skilled migration or by choosing an educational pathway to Australia.

“Sadly, realising this demand many consultancies are involved in deception, fraudulent activities and giving false hopes and promises to those seeking the Australian dream”, said ACET Migration co-founder and Career Coach Sulal Mathai.
Considering the lack of knowledge for international students who consider the migration option after completing their studies, ACET is planning to bridge the gap by introducing a career aptitude test at the early stages of their admission to help students identify their areas of interest. ACET will also help students in understanding occupations that are in demand so that they can identify potential career opportunities of the future.

ACET aims to work with schools and colleges through informative sessions and aid over half a million students in Kerala over the next five years by providing them amplified guidance for a strong future, the co-founders said.


ACET has offices across multiple continents, including four offices in Australia at Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Darwin. Its other offices are in Dubai, Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram.

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