Migrate to Australia with Confirmed Job

Migrate to Australia with Confirmed Job

The Global Recruitment Drive is a first-of-its-kind international employment initiative by ACET Migration Services. It’s an end-to-end solution covering International Recruitment | Migration | Training | Post Placement Support, a win-win for both companies and job seekers. The recent Global Recruitment Drive was supported by three peak industry bodies of Australia- Chamber of Commerce NT, Minerals Council of Australia NT and Master Builders NT – in partnership with Treeti Business Consulting and funded by the Northern Territory Government.

Migrate to Australia

ACET Migration Services supports people to fulfil their dream of migrating to Australia and to have a better life. In order to secure their dream, ACET provides a Global Recruitment Solution. Under this initiative, international talent is recruited for companies in Australia. So, someone who wants to migrate to Australia can migrate with a confirmed job in hand. This makes ACET Migration Services, perhaps, the only company from Australia, which provides a workforce solution to companies in Australia and a holistic migration service (recruitment, migration, training, and post-migration support) to people with a 100% success rate in migration.

ACET Global Recruitment team, recently went to the Philippines and India to hire over 600 workforce, for 300+ job vacancies in Australia. More than 15,000 people have applied for the jobs and presently shortlisting & interviews of these candidates are in progress.

The Migration Process

Stage 1: Your first step towards migration

Our migration team will review the candidate’s eligibility and assess your documents, as part of the vetting process. If you are selected by the employer, you will be provided with details on salary and other benefits, after receiving a positive skill assessment (skill assessment fees as required is applicable), we will work with the employer to provide you with a conditional offer letter.

Stage 2: No payment required

At this stage, we work with your employer to sponsor you as a suitable candidate for their vacancy. All costs are covered by the employer. The time estimated to complete this process is 2 months.

Stage 3: Visa fees payment

Upon a successful employer nomination, the Department of Home Affairs in Australia will request that you submit your visa application along with your family’s visa application (depending on single /family status). Based on the visa subclass, you are required to pay the visa fees to the Australian Government. If you use our assistance to apply for Visa, you will receive a quote in advance regarding our service fees. The time estimated to reach stage 3 is 3-6 months.

Note: There are no fees involved with the screening and vetting process.