Designated Area Migration Agreements

Access a wider pool of skilled overseas workforce with ( DAMA ) Designated Area Migration Agreement, more flexible solution and response to the specific labor market needs .

What are DAMAs?

The Australian government and Regional authorities have an official migration agreement known as the Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) . That provides additional flexibility to local firms to meet their market needs, this is done by increasing their skill pool, in contrast to the traditional skilled migration program, through DAMA the Aussie workforce can access a larger  pool of skilled and semi-skilled foreign workers.

Benefits of DAMA

  • Allows you to make a statement in the Global talent pool, while the labor market’s access to skill sets increases, so does your chance to reach out to organizations that are looking for your specific skill set by going beyond the typical confines of typical migration programs
  • Accelerate your Visa applications and land your dream employment in Australia through DAMA. This regional migration agreement helps you to obtain your ideal employment in Australia more quickly compared to the traditional skilled migration VISA. DAMA streamlines your Visa application procedure giving you an assured head start to your new Aussie life.
  • A lot of DAMAs lessen the requirements and qualifications needed for certain high-demand jobs, lowering your barriers to enter the Aussie workforce. In turn increasing the chances of landing your dream job.

Our team stays up to date with all the latest developments and requirements of DAMA across Australia making us reliable DAMA experts. Although DAMA visas provide a potentially quicker and easier route to migration, especially in regions experiencing skill shortages,each region has its own specific requirements. Here at ACET, your MARA licensed DAMA experts can guide you through these specificities.

The DAMA for the Northern Territory focuses on jobs where there is a severe lack of qualified workers in the labor market. This is a dynamic list that is updated frequently, with professions such as in the healthcare sectors, mining and resources workers, mechanics, engineers, construction workers etc

The South Australian DAMA offers two distinct lists :

List of skilled occupations – this list covers a broad variety of jobs where there is a skill shortage

Regional occupations list – For particular positions that are in great demand in regional South Australia

Both these lists offer concessions on some eligibility criteria for specific occupations that are of high demand in South Australia. We follow up with these frequently changing requirements assisting you in fulfilling their demands.

The Western Australia DAMA has two separate DAMA agreements, each with a distinct focus :

The Goldfields and Pilbara DAMA – Targets jobs that are essential to the growth of the Pilbara and Golfields areas,

Regional Skilled Migration Scheme (RSMS) DAMA – Focuses more broadly on skilled jobs that are in shortage in regional Western Australia.

Depending on the DAMA ( Pilbara & Goldfields or RSMS ) the various jobs are chosen.

We help you Leverage existing DAMA opportunities and examine other alternatives for regional migration. Our team of MARA licensed agents are DAMA experts, well versed in the intricacies of each regional DAMA. In Addition to making sure you meet character and health requirements, we evaluate your qualifications and skill sets with regard to DAMA’s pertinent occupation list and assist you through the skills assessment process. Throughout the whole application process we closely work with you to maximize your chances for a DAMA grant and ensure a smooth transition to your new Aussie life.

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