September 20, 2022

Australia and the Emerging IT Careers for Bachelor’s/Master’s Students

Information technology is a field that is always evolving with innovation. Therefore, students who want to choose a career path in this field would have the opportunity to work in jobs that have a scope of learning and development along with a lucrative salary package. 

When we talk about Australia, our minds travel to the beautiful coral reefs, sandy beaches, and exotic wildlife, but there’s more to its beauty, and that is a pool of opportunities for talents in the IT sector. Australia is sure to provide you with your dream job in no time. It is a country that delivers a high GDP and a healthy economic condition. Australia’s tech sector is now a major contributor to the country’s economy. Research suggests that the economy generated A$167 billion from the tech sector in 2020-21.  

Before pursuing IT in Australia, you should be aware of the job trends and their future in Australia. 

Cloud Engineer

Cloud technology has been predicted to have an omnipresent status in the coming future as well. Therefore, the demand for a cloud engineer in a place like Australia is sure to rise. As a result, cloud-based solutions have grown in popularity, particularly after the pandemic, when most businesses were operating from disparate functional locations. Cloud technology also has many subsidiary fields where they offer great opportunities. 

AI/Machine Learning

Sofia, a social humanoid robot, is considered to be one of the best AI products. The facial expressions, neutral networks, expert systems, etc., have added to the curiosity and interest of people, so much so that Sofia has become a household name. The future of AI and machine learning is bright and believed to be here for decades. Australia, being a highly developed country now and in the future, will encourage students to take up such subjects to pursue. 

Project Management

Every technology has to be managed, and a project manager can take up the role quite well. So, right from the discussion to the delivery of the project, the project manager will ensure that there have been no errors committed. A project manager from IT may deal with multiple projects such as Software development, Hardware Installations, Network Upgrades, Cloud Computing Business analytics and data management and the like. IT is a field that has been continuously evolving and producing new careers. Therefore, when a student chooses this path of education in Australia, he is assured of a promising future. 

Cyber Security

The need for cyber security in Australia is on the escalating side, just like in any other developed country. In addition to creating 60,000 new jobs by 2030, increasing business investment in cyber security will have significant benefits to the wider economy. The Australian government bases its cyber security investments on five major themes: national cyber partnership; stronger cyber defenses; global responsibility and influence; growth and innovation; and a cyber smart nation. Cyber security is known to protect a country’s economic assets and create new ones. 

Each skilled individual in the Information Technology (IT) sector has continuous career opportunities throughout the year, which makes it stand out in the industry. Due to innovative inventions and upgradation, IT has become an extremely popular career option for international students, with Australia being one of the top destinations for those seeking a career in the field. It is important for students to consider economic security and future relevance when choosing a field. 

Skills for migration overseas

ACET Education supports students in their dreams of pursuing quality education in Australia. With a 100% success rate, ACET is adept enough at what its team has been doing to achieve such a remarkable success graph. So, if you wish to travel to Australia for your studies and future career, you know whom to contact! 

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