August 31, 2022

2022 October Global Recruitment Expo for Northern Territory

If your business is struggling to fill critical roles, then now is the time to start planning and investing in the solution.

3 key Peak Industry Bodies have joined forces to support NT business in addressing critical skilled workforce shortages. 

Northern Territory Chamber of Commerce invites all members and NT businesses to register their Expression of Intrest (EOI) for recruiting candidates for your company from any global market.

The 2022 October Global Recruitment Expo is a part of the Workforce Solutions Campaign in partnership with Workforce Abundance a fee-for-service program that provides end-to-end solutions for a business’s global employment needs. You can find out more information on the program by clicking here.

The Global Expos will attract potential candidates to match with NT Employers to live and work in the Northern Territory.

  • Planned departure date is 16th October 2022
  • Visiting three countries
  • Each expo will span two weeks in each location
  • Candidates will be invited to attend a range of presentations and information sessions
  • An onground recruitment team will prepare suitable candidates to be vetted* and matched with current job vacancies in the Northern Territory
  • Option for Employers to meet with candidates and conduct interviews over Zoom or Teams

Vetting of international candidates includes

  • Conducting of eligibility checklist with candidate
  • Evidence collection to verify candidate claims
  • Language assessment
  • Skills assessment

Businesses can click here to submit EOI

Interested candidates for job can click here to submit their resume :

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