Onboarding for new migrants in Australia and Canada

The Australian/Canadian workplace has similarities and differences from workplaces in other countries. The training (webinar, physical sessions) for new migrants provides the skills to be career-ready and adapt to other country’s social and cultural norms

Topics covered via webinar/face to face session are:

Creating your personal brand

Establishing your network in a new country

Getting an Australian/canadian certification course in your field-expands your job opportunities

Developing self-confidence

Job search and applying for a job

Writing your resume to win an interview

Understanding culture and how to fit in a new workplace

Multicultural/community support available in Australia/Canada

Using social media for your personal branding

Preparing and conducting a mock interview

Discover What successful people do differently

Dealing with Australian/Canadian employers

Volunteering helps you gain experience, have social interaction, shows on your portfolio effort taken by you for the community.

Cultural competence training

A new country’s diversity poses both challenges and opportunities. We offer an online training course through a third-party service provider aimed at building capability around cultural diversity in the Australian/Canadian workplace.

The program explores topics including cross-cultural communication, addressing stereotypes, unconscious bias, diversity in the workplace, and enhance understanding about the benefits of multiculturalism to Australia/Canada.

The Cultural Competence Program is made up of eight easy-to-use multimedia learning modules which include animations, engaging activities and video interviews featuring real stories and workplace experiences. Reference: SBS Cultural Competence Program

Career coaching and three months of ongoing mentoring support

Our experienced mentors provide a one-on-one coaching service to give migrants the personal attention they need to ignite their passion and unleash their potential. Each session is tailored to the migrant’s individual situation. From self-discovery and identifying skills gaps to job search and interview coaching to motivational support, we’ll provide guidance with each step of the way.

Mentoring from experienced professionals on an ongoing basis provides guidance to skilled migrants. Let’s say they need not repeat their predecessor’s mistakes. The objectives of the mentoring program include:

  • Develop Leadership skills
  • Confidence skills
  • Public speaking/presentation skills
  • Life/work balance
  • How to create your Career pathway
  • People skills

This program is offered across Australia/Canada and is done through webinars/phone/email and face to face.​

For more details and pricing based on your individual requirements please contact us.

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