The Federal Skilled Worker

This program is for skilled workers who have the experience to work in Foreign countries. To go through Federal Skilled Worker/Trades/Canadian Experience Class, you need to have qualifying points.

Selection factors

  •  Age
  •  Education
  •  Work experience
  •  Whether you have a valid job offer
  •  English and/or French language skills
  •  Adaptability (how well you’re likely to settle here)∙
    The current pass mark is 67 points. (out of 100).
    If u have the 67 points it means u are eligible and can create a profile in the Express Entry

Minimum 1-year of continuous work experience required. (no breaks in that accepted)
CLB 7 (minimum 6 in each band) CLB or Canadian Language Benchmarks are a standard used in Canadian immigration applications to describe 12 levels of language ability in Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. They are used in many contexts, including immigration to Canada, and studying in Canada
Educational Credential Assessment
Get the transcripts of your highest degree from the universities and send it to WES – World
Education Services
Determine Your National Occupation Classification (NOC)
Determine Your Eligibility for Express Entry Immigration. Citizenship and Immigration
Canada’s website contains an online tool that can help applicants determine whether or not
they are eligible to use the Express Entry system. This tool must be used before an Express
Entry profile can be created
Build your Express Entry profile
Submit Your Profile
Update Your Information, if Necessary
All candidates must update their Express Entry profile if any changes have been made like:

  • The nature of their work experience changes.
  • There is a change in their family.
  • They obtain a new educational diploma.
  • Candidates receiving a  new language test results

Such changes include:

A child in the family who is no longer a dependant

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