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The movement of a person or people from one country, locality, and place of residence to another is migration.

  • Business
  • Skilled labour/resources
  • Student/study

There are many factors required to determine this, however the key areas are: Score, age and occupation/skills  in demand within the country of migration

Eligible score for Australia migration is 65 and above.

Scores below 65 have opportunities to migrate in other countries like Canada, UK etc.

Candidates with score below 65 can explore other options best suited for their qualification and credentials.  If interested, please send your query to us at info@acetmigration.com OR contact us 

To calculate your score please visit (Click Here)


English language test, like the IELTS, CELPIP or PTE for English proficiency

This is determined through a skill assessment process and also the list of skills required in the country of migration. (Check Eligibility)

They help you to migrate through the required legal and documentation process which increases the chances of immigration for study, work, travel or business purpose.

ACET Migration is a distinguished migration partner for clients who wish to migrate. Our website offers skill assessment and consultation to the interested candidate.
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ACET Migration has its headquarters in Darwin – Australia and offices in India, UK, UAE and Canada. We support migration to Australia and Canada, through our MAARA and ICCRC certified agents.

Being based in Australia makes us the best choice to be your migration partner.

The cost can be shared after your skill assessment.  Post analysis of your score and qualifications our agent will determine and share the costing with you.

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The details of all kinds of visa are available on (types of visa) and the best suited visa for you can be ascertained at the time of your assessment and then consultation. (Free Assessment)

The cost of living varies from case to case and also the type of visa you hold and the organization you will work for, or study in. This is a variable component and can be only determined in due course of your migration process.

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